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What does Shaun ride? Shuan snowboards regular (not goofy) on a Burton White Collection 156 snowboard. He uses Burton bindings and boots. His home mountain is Park City, Utah.

What board size does Shaun White ride?

Stance: Regular, 22 inches wide-I rock the biggest stance option on my board-with nine degrees angle on the front foot and negative-three on the back. Forward lean: Ha! None, and I love it.

Does Shaun White Skateboard and snowboard?

American skateboarder and snowboarder Shaun White, known as the “Flying Tomato,” is a three-time Olympic gold medalist. He has also won multiple Summer and Winter X Games medals.

Does Shaun White snowboard professionally?

Shaun Roger White (born September 3, 1986) is an American professional snowboarder, skateboarder, and musician. He is a three-time Olympic gold medalist in half-pipe snowboarding (2006, 2010, and 2018), and holds the world record for the most X-Games gold medals and most Olympic gold medals by a snowboarder.

Did Shaun White skateboard or snowboard first?

White survived a heart defect that required two operations when he was an infant. Despite his early health problems, he was soon skateboarding, surfing, skiing, and playing association football (soccer). He took up snowboarding at age six and the following year won his first competition.

How rich is Shaun White?

As of 2021, Shaun White’s net worth is roughly $60 million, which makes him by far the richest snowboarder in the world. Net Worth: $60 Million Country of Origin: United States of America Source of Wealth: Professional Snowboarder/Skateboarder Last Updated: 2021.

Are Shaun White skateboards good?

All in all, this is a skateboard to be proud of, despite the affordable price tag. It’s at times hard to understand how Shaun White has managed to create a board of this quality with such a low price tag. You are certainly getting a lot of board for the money, and it’s a truly excellent starter skateboard.

Does Shaun White still skateboard?

Shaun White’s Tokyo 2020 skateboarding dream is over. He is ending his bid to take part in the sport’s Olympic Games debut at Tokyo 2020: the three-time Olympic champion in snowboard halfpipe says he will no longer attempt to qualify to compete in the Japanese capital.

Did Shaun White compete in skateboarding?

After a disappointing performance in Sochi in 2014, White again won gold in PyeongChang in 2018 and, with skateboarding added to the Olympics in 2020, he had Tokyo in his sights. He launched a skateboarding video game in 2010 and was the first athlete to compete in — and win — both the Summer and Winter X Games.

Did Tony Hawk finish high school?

He was officially the National Skateboard Association world champion for 12 consecutive years. Hawk attended three high schools and graduated from Torrey Pines High School in 1986.

Is Shaun White in the Olympics?

Shaun White is aiming for his fifth Olympics as a snowboarder, representing the USA in half-pipe. At the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Shaun White could be the United States’ oldest Olympic snowboarding half-pipe competitor of all-time. He’s a three-time Olympic gold medallist.

Did Shaun White go to college?

Shaun White/Education.

How old is Jamie Anderson?

31years (September 13, 1990).

How old is Tony Hawk?

53years (May 12, 1968).

What is Usain Bolt net worth?

The proud owner of eight Olympic golds and 19 Guinness World Records, Usain Bolt has turned speed into a highly lucrative franchise. According to CelebrityNetWorth’s estimate, Usain Bolt’s net worth is around $90 million.

How rare is a white skateboard in Adopt Me?

The White Skateboard is a limited common vehicle in Adopt Me! which was available in the old Gifts rotation sometime around 2018. 199 in the Small and Big Gifts. However, as the Gifts were updated with new items, the White Skateboard is now unobtainable unless through trading.

How much do skateboard wheels cost?

Skateboard wheels cost anywhere between $10 and $50 or even higher depending on the brand, quality, size, and durometer rating.

Is Shaun White going to skate 2021 Olympics?

Though White has had enormous success as a skateboarder as well, he announced last year that he would not try out for the skateboarding events in Tokyo. With the Winter Olympics coming up in 2022, the athlete chose to focus on his snowboarding. But that doesn’t mean White has put his skateboard away.

Is Shaun White Skateboarding on Xbox one?

Shaun White Skateboarding is a sports video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360. It is a spin-off of the Shaun White Snowboarding duology. Shaun White Skateboarding Genre(s) Sports Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer.

Was Tony Hawk in the Olympics?

Hawk, 53, did not compete for gold at the Olympics but instead served as a commentator with NBC to help bring viewers into the event. But while Hawk was in Tokyo to help NBC with their broadcast, he spent much of his time off joyously dadding out.

Is Tony Hawk his real name?

Tony Hawk, in full Anthony Frank Hawk, (born May 12, 1968, San Diego, California, U.S.), American professional skateboarder who—through his technical innovations, successful equipment and apparel companies, and tireless promotional work—helped the sport of skateboarding enter the mainstream at the end of the 20th.

Is Tony Hawk a nice guy?

He’s down-to-earth, friendly, doesn’t take himself too seriously, does a lot of connecting out in the community, and is just a genuinely likable guy. Tony Hawk periodically trending for being wholesome, unproblematic and generally unrecognizable is one of my favorite things on Twitter.

Who is the richest skateboarder?

1. Tony Hawk (Net worth: $140 million) Tony Hawk is not only the most famous skateboarder but also the wealthiest.

How many Xgames gold medals does Shaun White have?

About Shaun Shaun was a freckly teenage wunderkind when he first debuted at X Games 2000 at age 13, before blossomed into an international superstar. He owns 8 X Games Snowboard SuperPipe gold, 5 Slopestyle gold, 11 ESPY awards, and 3 Olympic halfpipe gold medals, among other accolades.

How old was Shaun White when he won his first Olympic medal?

“Having two sports kept things fresh for me, and the skills of one sport would complement the other” Shaun went on to be the only athlete ever to win gold at both the Winter and Summer X Games). By the time Shaun won his first Olympic gold medal, the then-19-year-old was a household name.

When was the last time Shaun White competed?

White, 34, last competed in snowboarding at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, taking his third gold medal. He returned to riding after an aborted attempt to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics in skateboarding.

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What brand board does Shaun White ride? ›

In the lead-up to the 2022 Winter Games, White had been competing on his custom Whitespace board, though many may not have realized it.

Does Shaun White have his own board line? ›

Olympic snowboarder Shaun White hung up his board professionally back in February. Now he's turning his attention to a new venture with the launch of his brand, Whitespace. Whitespace initially soft-launched during the February Beijing Olympics and debuted formally Monday with new clothing and gear.

Who makes Whitespace boards? ›

In case you missed it, Shaun White launched a snowboard company. He cleverly debuted the boards during his final Olympic outing at Beijing 2022 and says he wants to use the brand to sponsor up-and-coming snowboarders, much the same as Jake Burton did with Shaun as a kid.

Does Shaun White make snowboards? ›

More recently, White launched his own brand, WHITESPACE, to release activewear and snowboard equipment. The January 2022 announcement previewed White's first item: a black and white freestyle snowboard. The boards were hand-signed and numbered by White.

Is Whitespace made by Burton? ›

Shaun White Parts Ways With Burton To Launch Signature Brand "Whitespace" “I've wanted to start my own brand for as long as I can remember.” The media could not be played.

Is Shawn White sponsored by Burton? ›

That popularity ensures that White, who signed his first endorsement deal with Burton Snowboards at age 7, continues to have a hold on brands nearly 30 years later as he prepares to compete at his fifth Olympics.

What is Shaun White's new business? ›

Retiring at age 35, he has now shifted from action to business. Last year, White partnered with the Utah outdoor retailer Backcountry to launch Whitespace—a lifestyle brand that features snowboards, jackets, ski goggles, and more.

Are Shaun White skateboards good? ›

skateboarding is very well done , the packaging is of good quality . The bearings are quiet , the wheels are soft and good for the track and also to the street. The trucks are light and has a good kit dampers and has a good finish . The only flaw in my opinion , was the DECK .

How does Shaun White make money? ›

Shaun White's 2022 Net worth and Endorsements

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Shaun has a net worth of $65 million. He earns a salary of $10 million per year. Whereas he also has a 10-year multi-million-dollar endorsement deal with Burton Snowboards.

What board does Jamie Anderson use? ›

Definitely number one is your board, I ride a GNU Jamie model, then bindings boots and outerwear is clutch too! I use Oakley outerwear , goggles and helmets and I love there stuff, I truly feel it's the highest quality!

Where are K2 boards made? ›

Made right here in Washington State, the USA K2 Alchemist Snowboard is built for experienced snowboarders looking for a quick, fast, and hyper-precise snowboard that will confidently perform anywhere you take it.

Where are Burton boards made? ›

Burton snowboards are made in five different locations around the world, including China, Taiwan, Austria, Poland, and the United States.

Who sponsors Shaun White snowboard? ›

In a press release, Backcountry says it will carry the Shaun White Pro, the Park Twin, and the Powder (as well as the accessory line). The Pro Youth Snowboard is also available on the site.

What board size should I get snowboard? ›

Snowboard length: As a general rule, if you stand a board on its tail, the nose of the board should reach somewhere between your nose and chin. You can use size charts and recommended rider weights to get more precise.

Who owns Whitespace? ›

For the first time ever, professional snowboarder Shaun White is using a snowboard from his own brand at the Olympics. The athlete launched Whitespace, an active lifestyle brand, before embarking on the fifth and final Winter Olympics of his career.

Who owns Burton boards? ›

Privately held and owned by Jake and his wife, Burton President Donna Carpenter, Burton's headquarters are in Burlington, Vermont with offices in Austria, Japan, Australia, California, Canada and China. For more information, visit www.burton.com.

Is Burton owned by Nike? ›

Burton Snowboards is a privately-owned snowboard manufacturing company that was founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977.

What companies does Shaun White own? ›

The two-time Olympic gold medalist and San Diego native now owns a minority stake in Mammoth Resorts, which recently acquired Bear Mountain and Snow Summit—the SoCal resorts where White, 29, began riding at age 6. "It's amazing that I'm now an owner of the mountain where I grew up riding," White said.

How much do snowboarders get paid? ›

Most salaries range between ​$29,000​ and ​$55,000​, though many pros make significantly more or less. Outside of instructors, there is no pay scale to speak of. It's going to depend on your talent, your promotional skills and luck. Some professional snowboarders make six-figure incomes or more.

Who is the godfather of snowboarding? ›

Jake Burton, the man most notably known for creating the sport of snowboarding and the mechanism itself — a snowboard — was a pioneer ahead of his time and a man most Coloradans, and the entire snowboard community globally, will remember forever.

How much money is Shaun White? ›

Introduction. As of February 2023, Shaun White's net worth is roughly $65 Million, which makes him by far the richest snowboarder in the world.

Who makes Prada snowboards? ›

You Can Own Olympian Julia Marino's Prada Snowboard For a Cool $3,600. Marino's Prada Linea Rossa Snowboard ($3,600), which is available in both white and black, is an in-store exclusive. Designed for all types of terrain, the board features a twin tip, poplar wood core, and a medium soft flex.

What does Whitespace mean in business? ›

White space analysis is the process companies use to evaluate their existing products, services, and markets to address unmet customer needs. The “white space” is the opportunity itself—the area where a business can innovate, expand, upsell, and cross-sell its products and services.

What boards do pro skaters use? ›

What skateboards do pros use? If you're a professional skateboarder, then it's likely that you use an 8'5” deck. This size is the most popular for pro-level skating and has a weaker controllability than other smaller boards.

What skateboards do pro skaters use? ›

WHAT SKATEBOARD BRANDS DO THE PROS USE? The most popular skateboard brands among professional skateboarders are Girl, Zero, Baker, Deathwish, and Enjoi. These brands are known for their high-quality decks, trucks, wheels, and bearings.

Is Shaun White sponsored by Louis Vuitton? ›

Shaun White's newly launched brand Whitespace and Louis Vuitton have joined forces to unveil a series of unique snowboarding accessories that merges White's championship DNA with Louis Vuitton's high-end materials.

What does Shaun White Drive? ›

White is fond of old cars and he has a 1966 Ford Mustang. The price of the is roughly $110,000.

Where is Shaun White's house? ›

Located in Malibu, California, this gorgeous home is currently owned by Olympic Gold Medalist snowboarder Shaun White.

What type of board is Burton LTR? ›

Key Features of the Burton LTR Snowboard:

Convex base. Reduced camber. Soft flex.

What kind of board is the warpig? ›

A Tapered Bi-Radial Sidecut maximizes grip and allows the WARPIG to transition from edge-to-edge like a traditional narrow snowboard while getting the float and stability of a wider modern deck. A Performance™ Core combines Aspen, Bamboo, and Paulownia wood to provide the perfect balance of strong and light.

Who is K2 owned by? ›

K2 Sports operates the K2 Skis, K2 Snowboarding, K2 Skates, Backcountry Access, Ride Snowboards, Tubbs Snowshoes, Atlas Snow-Shoe Company, LINE Skis, Full Tilt Boots, and Madshus brands.
K2 Sports.
ParentKohlberg & Company
9 more rows

Who are K2 boards made by? ›

K2 Snowboards are snowboards manufactured by the sports equipment company K2 Sports. K2 Sports was founded by businessman Bill Kirschner in 1962. The company manufactured some of the first sets of fibreglass skis in the 1960s, and delivered its first lot of 250 pairs of fibreglass skis in 1964.

Where are Bataleon boards made? ›

All Bataleon boards are hand-built in Austria at the Mothership with focus on craftsmanship and exceptional materials. Not only do Bataleon boards ride well but they look great, with graphics that stand out from the crowd.

Are new Burton boards waxed? ›

Do you need to wax a new Burton snowboard? Every Burton snowboard is waxed, sharpened, and ready-to-ride as soon as you take it out of the sleeve. With a factory wax, sharpened edges, and a fresh bevel, every board is finely tuned for immediate use on most terrain in most conditions.

Where are Salomon boards made? ›

SALOMON. Factory: China. Manufactured in China with design and development undertaken in France.

Is the Burton process a good beginner board? ›

So, it's great for anyone looking to do a bit of everything, favoring freestyle just a bit, but don't see much in the way of deep powder, or have a separate board for deep powder days. Not suitable for beginners, but intermediate riders should be fine with it.

Who was Shaun White's first sponsor? ›

He began snowboarding at six

Shaun White began skating and snowboarding when he was only six years old! He received his first sponsorship agreement when he was seven, and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk took note.

Are longer snowboards easier to ride? ›

Generally, smaller snowboards are easier to manoeuvre, allowing you to carve smaller turns. Longer snowboards, on the other hand, will be harder to control when going slow but will be more stable at high speeds.

Do snowboards go by height or weight? ›

There are 3 main deciding factors for picking a snowboard size guide those are your Weight and Height and riding style. The information and snowboard sizing charts below are meant to be used as a guideline to decide on a board that is best for you based on various measurements.

Does weight or height matter more for snowboards? ›

Weight is the most important factor in determining the length of the board – the weight of the rider, is certainly more important than the height of the rider.

What boards do Olympic snowboarders use? ›

Parallel giant slalom boards are stuff and narrow, making them ideal for maneuvering through gates at high speeds. They are generally longer than a normal snowboard and feature a square back and low nose.

Does Shaun White own a skateboard shop? ›

Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White partnered with D6 Sports in the 2000s to establish Shaun White Supply Co. White's ambition is to design and build trustworthy skateboard gear that riders around the world can enjoy.

What snowboards do pros use? ›

Top 5 Pro Model Snowboards Of 2019
  • 2019 Burton Deep Thinker. The 2019 Burton Deep Thinker is one of two of Danny Davis' brainchild snowboards for this season. ...
  • 2019 Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro. ...
  • 2019 Capita Scott Stevens Pro. ...
  • 2019 DC Media Blitz. ...
  • 2019 Nitro X Volcom Beast. ...
  • 7 Alaska Ski Resorts Worth Visiting.
Sep 18, 2018

What board does Hirano use? ›

Men's Burton Custom Camber Snowboard.

How much does Shaun White make a year? ›

Shaun White's 2022 Net worth and Endorsements

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Shaun has a net worth of $65 million. He earns a salary of $10 million per year. Whereas he also has a 10-year multi-million-dollar endorsement deal with Burton Snowboards.

What is the biggest skateboard company? ›

Below, we shed light on the seven most prominent skateboard manufacturers globally.
  • Powell Peralta. Founded in 1978 by Stacy Peralta and George Powell, the America-based business specializes in skateboard manufacturing. ...
  • Skate One Corporation. ...
  • Polar Skate Co. ...
  • Almost Skateboards. ...
  • Alien Workshop. ...
  • Element Skateboards. ...
  • Globe.
May 6, 2022

Does Shaun White own part of Mammoth Mountain? ›

The two-time Olympic gold medalist and San Diego native now owns a minority stake in Mammoth Resorts, which recently acquired Bear Mountain and Snow Summit—the SoCal resorts where White, 29, began riding at age 6. "It's amazing that I'm now an owner of the mountain where I grew up riding," White said.

Are Shaun White Skateboards good? ›

skateboarding is very well done , the packaging is of good quality . The bearings are quiet , the wheels are soft and good for the track and also to the street. The trucks are light and has a good kit dampers and has a good finish . The only flaw in my opinion , was the DECK .

How much does Louis Vuitton own off white? ›

In July 2021, LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton announced it would be taking a 60% stake in Off-White, with founder Virgil Abloh, at the time the creative director of menswear for Louis Vuitton, retaining the remaining 40%. Abloh died on November 28, 2021, of cardiac angiosarcoma at the age of 41.

Where does Shaun White get his money? ›

Shaun White is a five-time Olympian with three gold medals to his name. He also became an icon in action sports by winning the most gold medals of all-time in the ESPN X Games. With his many endorsements and iconic snowboarding legacy, Shaun is worth a whopping $65 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.


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